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Preventative Maintenance Made Easy

Sometimes a repair can seem relatively harmless to put off until later. For instance,  your windshield wiper is not functioning properly. Imagine you are on the highway and it starts pouring down rain, impeding your view. You can't see your lane. BAM! You crash into the car next you. This is obviously an extreme example, but it is possible. Here some more likely ones. Your car won't brake because the pads and rotors are worn out. Your brakes are in good condition and your car brakes, but you lose control of the steering when you car brakes because of improper alignment, poor suspension, and/or worn out steering components. Your car can die  from any number of neglected preventative maintenance repairs.

First Choice Auto helps you maintain your vehicle and helps prevent emergencies

Preventative maintenance can prevent emergencies.

Get a preventative maintenance check up for $9.99!

Preventative maintenance benefits you in the following ways:

An engine, suspension system, and spark plugs getting preventative maintenance

It can save you money.

It can save you from having to do more expensive repairs by getting minor repairs first.

It improves engine performance, fuel economy, and overall vehicle performance.

It makes your vehicle safer to drive.

We have a multi-point inspection for $9.99 that covers the exterior, everything under the hood, and everything under the car. It will keep you aware of the repairs that your car needs now and in the future.

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